Daydream & Doodle Day™ 

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Focused on overcoming roadblocks, self-development and business growth.

A day dedicated to daydreaming and doodling.


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Daydream & Doodle Day?  


Do you have a head full of ideas, goals and dreams you want to achieve, but you are feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed? Are you lacking clarity of thinking, focus and direction? Is imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and confidence stopping you from taking impactful action to make your dreams come true?

You are invited to immerse yourself in Daydream & Doodle Day Experience to overcome the roadblocks which are holding you back. This transformative in-person, self-development day dives into The Clarity Quest IdeasBook™ to breathe life into your valuable ideas.

Ann will be your coach as she guides you and a small in-person group of trailblazers through Waypoint 1 of The Clarity Quest Roadmap. Learn the fundamentals of her VisualDoodle technique so you can create your Superpower Self and your own Quest Treasure Map - even if you don't think you are creative or can't draw!



Tuesday 23rd April 2024 

9:30am - 4:30pm

Chaophraya, Thai Garden, Newcastle upon Tyne


Limited to a small group of 10 participants.

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You are invited to join us. Registration is now open...

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Daydream & Doodle Day Treasure Maps

Fun & impactful way to ignite your ideas into action!

In the hustle and bustle of busy lives, we can forget the power of play. Putting pen-to-paper unlocks imagination and taps into creativity, sparking new ideas and solutions.

Imagine how Daydream & Doodle Day could be the key to unlock your ultimate vision, mission, passion and purpose.

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