2-in-1 Guided Journal to Breathe Life into Your Valuable Ideas

The Clarity Quest 




Get ideas out of your head...

Make them a reality...

Go and live your dreams!

Photo of Ann English, The Clarity Quest TEDx Speaker & Author, sitting at a desk with pen and paper writing down valuable ideas

Don't let your dreams die inside of you or your valuable ideas drift away.


Ideas. Everything starts with an idea, and an idea can change everything. 

However, valuable ideas can easily float away, disappear or sadly be drowned in a Sea of Negativity, rather than planting them in The Land of Possibilities.

The Clarity Quest IdeasBook™ 2-in-1 guided journal and interactive workbook is designed to provide a safe harbour for your thoughts, hopes, vision and dreams. It equips you with the Roadmap to explore ideas, navigate roadblocks and take impactful action towards realising your dreams and showcasing your superpower.

Connecting the dots between what you have done... where you are now... and who you can become.

Ann English - Author, TEDx Speaker & Creator of VisualDoodles™



The Clarity Quest


Guided Journal to Breathe Life into Your Valuable Ideas


Do you have a head full of thoughts, hopes and dreams which only you can see?

Do you want to move forward and take action. But you feel lost, stuck and overwhelmed?

Are you going round in circles, not knowing how to make it happen?

Through The Clarity Quest you'll discover the clue is in the words you say to yourself when inspiration strikes, because your self-talk will determine if your ideas become reality.

By writing, doodling and colouring in the pages of your IdeasBook as you reflect on the thought-provoking questions and journal prompts, this will enable you to:

  • Unlock your imagination and tap into your childlike curiosity to boost your creativity
  • Clarify your vision, mission, passion, purpose and superpower
  • Transform negative self-talk into empowering words and impactful actions

Enjoy deeper, richer and kinder conversations with yourself as you gain clarity, focus and direction to take impactful action and make your dreams come true.

The Clarity Quest Roadmap

Use the Roadmap to navigate where you are as you journey through The Clarity Quest™ - like a Treasure Map, you are searching for clues, because no one knows where X marks the spot. The inspiration, motivation and moments of clarity you experience will be unique to you.

Personalise It!

Make it your own, add your name and date. IdeasBook™is purposefully black and white so you colour it in with pencils, and complete the activities using ball point or gel pens to help prevent bleed through. Time to be creative, because the act of colouring boosts your creativity and mental focus.

Quest Waypoints

Navigate through The Clarity Quest™ Roadmap with 10 waypoints along the journey. These form the chapters of the IdeasBook with journaling activities to do. Alternatively if you are diving deeper into the online course or programme these refer to the modules or weeks.

Quest Story

Follow along as you journey through The Clarity Quest™ and focus on each area covered in the TEDx Talk as you visit each waypoint on the Roadmap.

Motivational Quotes

Words and images to inspire you to think and feel differently. To reinforce an idea, boost creativity and make a positive, memorable emotional connection to motivate you towards achieving your dreams. 

Impact Maps

A place where you can map out ideas and any clarity you’ve gained during the waypoint activities. Create your own mind map diagram to organise ideas, words and key concepts you associate with this topic by branching out from the central impact bubble.

Journal Prompts 

Thought-provoking journaling prompts and reflective writing questions to help clarify your thinking. Thought starters to inspire your creativity, encourage self reflection and ignite ideas.

Changing Perspectives 

You will need to move your book around to change direction and orientation when you fill in the frameworks. This will help change your perspective and see things differently.

VisualDoodle Frameworks

Rather than staring at a blank page, use the frameworks as a place to capture ideas, doodle your thoughts, or jot down bullet points in response to the journal prompts or guided activities.

50 Big Ideas Planner

A place to dream big, explore ideas and think about the goals, vision and dreams you would love to come true. Keep adding to your planner as you journey through your Quest.

Dreams Come True Chart

Record your progress and celebrate your success by charting the steps you are making towards making your goals, vision and dreams come true. Log the impactful action you have taken to transform your ideas into reality and any wins have you achieved to keep you motivated.


The Clarity Quest IdeasBook makes a unique and thoughtful gift. Buy-one for yourself, Gift-one to someone you care about. Then you can go on the Quest together, schedule time to daydream and doodle, have fun and keep each other accountable.

For every IdeasBook sold we plant a tree

On our mission to make a positive impact in this world so we have partnered with One Tree Planted who will plant a tree for every IdeasBook sold. Thank you for your support!

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I'm Ann


I'm a Visual Communicator, Author, Coach and founder of Create Intrigue. I make ideas clear, visible and actionable through my VisionMapping coaching method, as the creator of VisualDoodles, and with my Visual Marketing Academy.

In 2020, undeterred by the pandemic, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a TEDx Speaker to share my 30+ years of experience, insights and inspirational ideas with the world.

Since then, The Clarity Quest™ has evolved into a global online group coaching programme, on-demand course, interactive workshops, experiential events, and now the 2-in-1 IdeasBook™ and Guided Journal. Each with the purpose of empowering you to breathe life into your valuable ideas.

Join me as I guide you on a journey of self-discovery to discover paradigm shifting moments of clarity which will change the way you think, how you feel and what you do so you can achieve your dreams.


Watch The Clarity Quest TEDx Talk


IdeasBook™ is based on Ann's TEDx Talk 'The Clarity Quest: Imagine a world without BUT...' which is a journey of self-discovery to transform your life, and business. Connecting you with your creativity and unlocking your childlike curiosity to showcase your superpower.

Ann's passion is to enable people to breathe life into their valuable ideas and navigate roadblocks along the way. To help express complex ideas with clarity, Ann created a series of VisualDoodles™ which are revealed as she takes you through the Quest. These come together to reveal the Roadmap at the end as visual summary and gift to the audience.

Watch Ann's TEDx Talk - if it really resonates with you then book a 1:1 Clarity Call and Ann will show you personally how this applies to your life and business. 

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Praise for The Clarity Quest...

"My favourite page from Ann's book is the Present Self where you look at what is it that is stopping you from achieving your dreams now... I realised I was actually my own barrier and that was a huge thing for me."
Lesley Renwick | Educator & Entrepreneur
I've become more clear about who I am, and what I love. If you want to know your deepest desires and dreams, and want to have a roadmap to achieve them, I highly recommend The Clarity Quest. The journey I have been on has been epic!”
Noriko Matsubara | Artist & Author
"The Clarity Quest has helped me to plant my seeds of things that I dream about and they are all now starting to come true. You can make it happen!"
Shamshad Shah | Nutrition & Wellbeing Specialist
50 Big Ideas for me was such a lovely experience. To give myself the space and time to let ideas spill out of my mind and just to splurge them all over the page and allow them to just sit there in a safe space, like a waiting room really, ready for me to start to one by one turn them into my reality.”  
Polly Brennan | Mental Fitness Coach & Adventurer
“The Clarity Quest has helped me by focusing on my creative side and focusing on really getting down on paper and expressing what it is that I want to create in my life, getting in tune with myself and being able to express that and feel it.” 
Norma Foster | Export Growth Specialist
“I absolutely love The Clarity Quest IdeasBook, I'm so excited to spend so much time colouring mine in and going through it.  My favourite page is the Storytelling Suitcase because it's about the stories we tell ourselves, the labels we've stuck on our suitcase, and maybe which ones it's time to clear off.” 
Ashleigh King | Podcast Producer, Host & Trainer



The Clarity Quest Ideasbook™ is purposefully black and white so you can make it your own as a keepsake of your valuable ideas for you to treasure. Designed to be customised, use ballpoint or gel pens to help prevent bleed-through. Write in pencil or erasable pens if you'd like to edit your notes. Colour it in with an array of coloured pencils because the act of colouring boosts creativity and mental focus.


  • The Clarity Quest Story and Roadmap
  • Practical/Creative Mind VisionMap
  • 50 Big Ideas Planner
  • Dreams Come True Chart
  • 10 Waypoints and Milestones
  • 30+ Journaling Prompts
  • 40+ VisualDoodle Frameworks for guided activities and prompts
  • 15+ Motivational Quotes
  • QR code and link to watch TEDx Talk and access interactive information
  • Invitation to join The Clarity Questers online community group 




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Interested in diving deeper to achieve more transformative results?

The Clarity Quest Ideasbook™ is 2-in-1 guided journal. You can either use it independently with the journal prompts and activities included. Alternatively, if you want to dive deeper, then you are invited to register to be the first to know about for The Clarity Quest Daydream & Doodle Day EXPERIENCE and 2024 LIVE Quest where you'll be guided through IdeasBook™ with Ann as your coach.



Daydream & Doodle Day™

The Clarity Quest Experience


Are you a Visual Thinker, Dreamer or Doer who would like to immerse yourself in The Clarity Quest IdeasBook?

Daydream & Doodle Day is a unique in-person self-development experience using The Clarity Quest IdeasBook to breathe life into your valuable ideas.

Ann will guide a small in-person group through Waypoint 1 of the Roadmap. You'll learn VisualDoodle techniques, and with a sprinkling of magic 'Pixie Dust' you'll be able to create your own Superpower Avatar and Treasure Map - even if you don't think you are creative!

  • Explore The World of Your Imagination.

  • Discover what is stopping your Present Self from moving forwarding taking impactful action on your ideas, hopes and dreams.

  • Step into your Future Self to imagine what you'll be thinking, feeling and doing if dreams were to come true.

  • Practical Daydreaming activity to identify the way your mind thinks to highlight your practical and creative superpowers.

  • Take time out of your busy schedule to daydream as you start imagining and planning your 50 Big Ideas - personal or business goals, vision and dreams. 

  • Receive The Clarity Quest IdeasBook to use as your workbook for the day as Ann guides you through Waypoint 1 coaching activities.

  • Be one of the first to learn how to VisualDoodle as Ann teaches techniques to unlock creativity and overcome self-doubt. Create your own Superpower Self -even if you think you can't draw... you can!

  • Create your own Clarity Quest Treasure Map to chart your progress and the roadblocks you need to overcome. 

  • Invitation to join The Clarity Questers online community group. 

*** 2023 SOLD OUT ***

New Dates & Locations for 2024 to be announced 


Join Waitlist -Daydream & Doodle Day


Online 2024 LIVE Quest™

Global Group Coaching Programme


Are you a Founder, Coach or Creative Entrepreneur who wants to make an impact, create a legacy, and achieve your dreams?

Following on from the successful SUMMER22 and AUTUMN22 Quests, you can now register to join the waitlist for the 2024 LIVE Quest.

Ann will be your coach and guide a select group of trailblazers through this unique coaching program designed to help you clarify your vision and take impactful action to transform your life and business into the success story you desire.

This award-winning programme is a deep dive into each of the Waypoints along The Clarity Quest Roadmap with transformational stories, activities and exercises not found in IdeasBook!

  • 10-week live online group coaching programme which equips you with the tools to map out the path towards achieving your BIG ideas.

  • Specifically for founders, coaches and creative entrepreneurs who feel the need to blaze new trails through their business and their life.

  • Membership of The Trailblazing Tribe, a select group of international individuals who will be on this Quest with you for accountability, support and connection.

  • Unleash your creativity by unlocking your childlike curiosity.  

  • Clarify your why and the impact you bring to the world.

  • Secret strategies, tools, and resources to help you take impactful actions to navigate roadblocks and become a success story.

  • Receive The Clarity Quest IdeasBook to use as your workbook during the programme as Ann guides you each week with more detailed and impactful coaching activities as you progress through the 10 Waypoints.

  • With Ann as your coach and guide you'll uncover clues to gain the clarity, focus and direction you need to take impactful action so you can nurture, develop, and implement your valuable ideas.

  • 2024 LIVE Graduation Celebration event invitation and certificate.

2024 LIVE Quest global online group coaching programme 


Register Your Interest Today - 2024 LIVE Quest